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The C4 Atelier is a free studio for C4 Guests, offering a distinctive and unrestricted access to a wide array of learning resources.

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Our webinars focus
on three topics

Travel, Conservation and Photography



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As photographers, we always are looking to improve our images in addition to our post processing skills. Very often the quantum shift in an image is not a technical edit technique, but a nuance of experience or sleight of hand that changes the image from good, to spectacular.

As travellers, we are always looking to improve our understanding of the areas we visit. Conservation matters and travel experiences matter to us and so we like to share these with you.

Through tutorials, webinars, blogs and the guidance of "honey guides," our guests can gain valuable insights into various photographic techniques, conservation matters, and travel wisdoms.

This comprehensive platform is designed to give you more than just a safari experience. Her you can elevate your photography skills and also enrich your learning of African travel and conservation. We constantly add new content, creating a library for you to return to and enjoy. We wish you a great time on this resource.




“is the private studio of a professional artist in the fine arts where a principal master and a number of collaboratives work together producing pieces of fine art.”