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Like the revered bird in Africa, this is where you are guided through some incredible content all relating to safari travel in Africa, photographing all manner of subjects- from wildlife to landscapes, working with light, fine tuning your composition, anticipating wildlife behaviour and more. Its a place where you find the best parts about photographing in Africa- the veritable honeycomb: All curated by your honeyguide.

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Breaking rules for bird photography

Bird photography is a specialised area and requires quick thinking and sometimes breaking the traditional rules of photography. In this Honeyguide presentation master photographer, Darren Donovan who is a master at capturing birds, takes us through the rules of photographing birds and more importantly he shares tips on knowing when and how to break the rules.

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Wildlife composition 101

Composition is the most subjective aspect of phtoography. In this talk Shem looks at the basic components of composition and by how using these, you wil improve the compositional integrity of your images dramatically. A few straightforward guidelines will really help you strengthen your compositional thought process.

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The evolution of wide

This talk covers using a wide angle lenses to creatively capture wildlife in its environment. Shem discusses his own evolution from using predominantly a long lens to encompassing a wide lens with confidence, to develop his own artistic style.

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Wildlife Composition II

In this Honeyguide presentation, Composition II, Shem Compion expands on his previous Composition 101 presentation where he covered the basics of composition. The next step is understanding how composition can be used to create "feel" in an image. In the words of Robert Henri, Shem delves into the concept of "Paint(ing) the flying spirit of a bird, rather than its feathers". This is a talk not to be missed.

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Photographing the unexpected - an encounter with brown hyenas

Darren Donovan shares a story of an unusual and unexpected sighting and how he managed to take advantage of the situation and come out with some great images.

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Mara - Serengeti Eco system

This is one of the great spectacles of the natural world. In this talk we unpack what makes it so special, in what season to go where, what is the best time for crossings, calving and the general overview of the wildebeest migration. Lastly, I share some secret locations, where you can travel to and spend days without seeing any other people, whilst having amazing sightings all to yourself.

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Introduction to Africa Travel

This is an overview of African safari travel and covers how we at C4 will look after you, in terms logistics, travel planning and sharing with you where the best places are to travel to in Africa, in specific seasons. Learn about the green versus the dry season so that you can plan your time to visit based on your preference.

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Anticipating wildlife behaviour

This talk covers three specific points about how to get great photos by anticipating wildlife behaviour. Anticipation, curiosity and confidence are the three points of discussion using examples and stories from the field.

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