C4 Atelier - The Eloquent Suri of Ethiopia

March 28 2023

C4 Atelier - The Eloquent Suri of Ethiopia


19:00:00.00 (CAT)

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Our guest speaker, Mark Overgaard, has spent multiple years focusing on the Suri people, their art, culture and language. In this webinar, he will be sharing the resulting insights and beautiful imagery. Mark is a retired tech executive and ambitious amateur photographer who has been fascinated by the Suri since his first visit in late 2019. In the webinar, he will give us fascinating glimpses of their unique culture, as well as the background, goals and challenges of a just-launched mother tongue education and literacy project that aims to further empower them.

We highly recommend watching Mark's short film "The Eloquent Suri of Ethiopia". Follow this link to watch https://www.markovergaard.art/2nd-generation-project


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Mark Overgaard

Mark Overgaard is a retired technology executive who was born in Thailand of missionary parents, spoke Thai before English, and attended fifteen schools in five countries before college. After those peripatetic early years, Mark settled in California for his professional career. With retirement, he has resumed traveling the world, aiming to experience and record cultural and natural beauty, finding reverence within and beyond, envisioning our shared humanity and fragile natural world. For more about Mark and his work (including coverage of the first generation of his Eloquent Suri project), visit markovergaard.art. Also, there is a preview of the 2nd generation project at markovergaard.art/2nd-generation-project, including the 9-minute short film on the project co-produced by Mark and Shem. We recommend the webinar attendees watch that film in advance of the session as an introduction to the project.

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Shem Compion

Hosted by Shem Compion Shem Compion is a renowned wildlife and nature photographer, filmmaker, and author based in South Africa. With over two decades of experience in the field, Shem has built a reputation as one of the leading wildlife photographers in the world. He has published several books on wildlife photography, including "The African Photographic Safari Handbook" and "The Art of Wildlife Photography." Shem collaborated with Mark documenting the unique culture and language of the Suri people. One result of the collaboration resulted in the short film “The Eloquent Suri of Ethiopia”

Shem Compion


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