C4 Atelier - Unleash your creativity within

October 11 2022

C4 Atelier - Unleash your creativity within


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In our next webinar we chat two people that have broken the boundaries of nature photography and are well known for their fine art photography. World-renowned and award-winning fine art photographer, Martin Osner and fine art specialist, Samantha Lee Osner will share their insights into finding your creativity within. We will also meet and view the work of four students that have recently completed a creativity workshop with Martin and Sam and discuss how exploring their creative boundaries has influenced their photography.


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Martin Osner

In his work, Osner eschews straightforward photography, favouring a more artistic vision that accords with his visual understanding and spiritual appreciation of the world. His photography is characterised by an urge to explore, with the willingness to experiment and a desire to create. Concentrating intently on an elemental form, pattern and shape, paired with an inherent sense of restraint, he bears out his belief that simplicity is the cornerstone of successful imaging.
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Samantha Lee Osner

Samantha Lee Osner’s work is represented by the Art Photography Gallery in Cape Town and at the Osner Private Gallery in Hout Bay.Initially, after studying under her father at his photography school, Samantha was plunged into the depts of commercial photography. The challenges that came with this genre of photography, helped her to learn a lot about lighting and problem solving. For Samantha, two of the most critical elements in photography is lighting and how it can alter the mood of a photograph and capturing the beauty of a moment frozen in time - never to be repeated. Her photographic collections include landscape, fine art and mixed media prints in limited as well as open editions.

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Shem Compion

Shem Compion is a wildlife photographer working throughout Africa and the world. Dedicated to his craft, he has lived for 7 months in a landrover, built specialised underground hides, hiked with military escorts and slept on top of a few volcanos all in the pursuit of creating images of relevance. He shares his experiences and knowledge via books, of which he has published 7, and managing C4 Photo Safaris – a safari company dedicated to providing the highest level of service to photographers wanting to visit every corner of Africa.

Shem Compion

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