C4 Atelier - Creative visions of nature

March 23 2022

C4 Atelier - Creative visions of nature


19:00:00.00 (CAT)

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Join Shem Compion in conversation with Martin Osner, world-renowned fine art photographer and multi-award winning artist including voted the best contemporary international artist 2008/2009 by Arteque art volume 3.


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Martin Osner

In his work, Osner eschews straightforward photography, favouring a more artistic vision that accords with his visual understanding and spiritual appreciation of the world. His photography is characterised by an urge to explore, with the willingness to experiment and a desire to create. Concentrating intently on an elemental form, pattern and shape, paired with an inherent sense of restraint, he bears out his belief that simplicity is the cornerstone of successful imaging.

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Shem Compion

Shem Compion is a wildlife photographer working throughout Africa and the world. Dedicated to his craft, he has lived for 7 months in a landrover, built specialised underground hides, hiked with military escorts and slept on top of a few volcanos all in the pursuit of creating images of relevance. He shares his experiences and knowledge via books, of which he has published 7, and managing C4 Photo Safaris – a safari company dedicated to providing the highest level of service to photographers wanting to visit every corner of Africa.

Shem Compion

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