C4 Atelier - Remaining relevant as a nature photographer in an ever changing world.


C4 Atelier - Remaining relevant as a nature photographer in an ever changing world.


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For this C4 Atelier webinar we chat to two doyens of nature photography, New Zealander Andris Apse and Australian Tony Hewitt. Having been around since the 80s and 90s, multi award winning Andris and Tony discuss how they've managed to stay relevant and continue to have thriving businesses in this rapidly changing industry.


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Andris Apse

Born in Latvia in 1943, Andris Apse spent the first five years of his life in a refugee camp in Germany. On emigrating to New Zealand, he and his mother eventually settled in Paihia, Bay of Islands. His decision to become a landscape photographer was stirred at the age of 18, after his first journeys into New Zealand’s natural wilderness with the New Zealand Forest Service. He became a professional photographer in 1969 and purchased a commercial studio, combining landscape photography with wedding, portrait and industrial work. By the 1980’s he was exclusively photographing landscapes and as his reputation grew, he started being commissioned to illustrate magazines, books, tourism promotional material and corporate profiles both in New Zealand and around the world. Andris has published more than twenty books and won numerous prestigious awards for his work.
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Tony Hewitt

Tony Hewitt has exhibited either solo or jointly in over 30 exhibitions. With a passion for people, places & travel, and an instinctive sense of the moment, he expresses a unique combination of award winning photographic vision, and simple creativity & design. His photographic journey has seen him explore the genres of Fine Art, Landscape, Industrial, Portrait, Wedding and Aerial Photography, and he has been consistently invited to critique & judge both nationally and internationally since 1995. He is widely sought after as a presenter and for his mentoring and coaching, including group programs which focus on personal development and creativity skills. Tony is a Grand Master of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), a Fellow and Honorary Fellow of the AIPP & a Fellow of the NZIPP.

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Shem Compion

Shem Compion is a wildlife photographer working throughout Africa and the world. Dedicated to his craft, he has lived for 7 months in a landrover, built specialised underground hides, hiked with military escorts and slept on top of a few volcanos all in the pursuit of creating images of relevance. He shares his experiences and knowledge via books, of which he has published 7, and managing C4 Photo Safaris – a safari company dedicated to providing the highest level of service to photographers wanting to visit every corner of Africa.

Shem Compion


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